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Email: Be able to add a proper CC field to emails

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Hi Guys,


We have a situation where a client needs to email a sales invoice to multiple customer contacts as well as cc it to various internal stakeholders.


The only way you can do this at the moment is by either manually adding all emails to the email field in the contact card (fine for customer email addresses, not for the internal stakeholder ones), or manually checking and changing each email as it goes out to have the right people on it (not effective you have large numbers of customers).


Ideal solution would be adjust 'Email' in the Contact card to be 'Primary email' and have a new field called 'CC Email' which then flows through to the email screens.


Now that 2016.1 has its own email engine, this should be relatively easy to accomplish.




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Hi Everyone

Emailing invoices through the AccountRight Browser interface allows users to add a CC email address (up to 5 per email). This allows the user to include another email address to that email. These addresses are remembered for the next time you email.

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Definitely need more fields for email addresses in cards.

More space in PO and Invoice number fields also useful. We often need to put a name and a reference, or mode of order.

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We release our invoices using the Sales options of Print/Email Invoices so we can email a bulk lot of invoices at once.

I understand you can send an invoice to multiple email addresses if this is done in the main invoice entry screen on an invoice by invoice basis although we would love the ability to send an email to multiple addresses from the bulk email screen.

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Typical You guys start a good Idea and you cant pull through with it.

It is common sense to have a AUTO CC, and a additional CC for Invoices that get sent out of MYOB. 

MYOB will most likly be outdated by the time your crew gets around to adding this.



AUTO CC...... So when I email out of MYOB it automatically sends me a copy of the email. If the email bounces back it notifies me Via my own email inbox that I check every 10 mins,

This funtion will work for me. 


Standard CC... There is atleast 2 email addresses that are sent A Copy of the invoice, The BS way of entering the email address now is very annoying.


Is MYOB owned by the government? Certainly runs like a rusty old bag.





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The ability to send to 2 or moe email addresses would improve functionality. In your FAQ's for sending emails it suggests voting for this idea in the exchange but I note the suggestion was made in 2016 and we are now in 2019. 


We have customers who require their invoices sent to both the accounts department as well as the contract or project manager.  This requires manual input of each email address rather than ticking the box and hitting send.


If you would please consider making this a priority especially as some useful functionality was added in the last release in terms of attachments to card files, invoice reminders and ability to view when users have opened an invoice.

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I would like a CC/BCC field added. 

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NOTE: Take 2, re-post in correct forum


I have issues post emailing of customer statements at the end of the month. Getting quite a number coming back asking for invoices they don't have, but are showing on the statement.


There are a number of us that process invoices, and have checked and confirmed that they email invoices out of MYOB, and in that case it would be the email address on the customer card.


We also have the issue where some customers outsource their accounting to a 3rd party and when invoices are generated two emails have to be sent. One to purchasing and one to accounts. At the moment this second email is done manually from Outlook.


What I would like to do is in the Email box (Customer Card) have the ability to add multiple email address, at the moment MYOB doesn't allow this to happen.


Outlook and all the other email programs allow this happen through the use of ";" as the email address separator. This would allow me to have accounts[@]myob[.]com[.]au ; accounts[@]"my company"[.]com[.]au ; Purchasin[@]qantas[.]com[.]au This way the invoice would get mailed to their accounts department, my accounts email, and the purchasing department. Also by adding it to the card box I don't have to worry about other failing to add emails for each invoice thereafter.


This now allows me to go through the email history and confirm one way or the other that invoices where or where not email to accounts. I have had a couple of very upset accounts people come back and complain that we didn't send them invoices, and on these occasions I know I sent them and went through my sent box and forwarded this to them, they quickly back down after that.


But as mentioned there are a few of us that do invoices so it would be nice that everyones emails are also sent to our accounts email so that I can always confirm or deny emails were sent...or not.


The ability to allow this should be straight forward and hope that this suggestion is taken up.




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Hi there,

having the ability to send an invoice/statement to multiple people really is a must when you are dealing with larger organisations.

Sending it to accounts@**** is typical, but your sales contact(s) also want to receive the invoice as they are the people who actually sign off the invoice.


Either allowing a cc to be set up or (possibly easier) allowing multiple email addresses to be set up in the Card File (separated by semi-colons) that flow through into the invoice and statement run would be a good way to give us an instant fix


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Hi MYOB Team,


Having the ability to CC emails to other staff members would be very useful. The current setup is very time consuming. I sure this would be an easy fix.


Thanks, Linda

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We need to be able to email Invoices & order confirmations to multiple recepients-!

Several of our customers require this for all orders and invoices; We currenlty process 30 - 50 per day for these and emailing each 3 times is very time consuming.

There is no way to do this within the MYOB emailing system - please add the functionality to enable this and also to add a cc. recepient.



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In the card file, you can add multiple recipients with ; between each address, no spaces.

Hope this is what you are after.