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Email: Be able to add a proper CC field to emails

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Hi Guys,


We have a situation where a client needs to email a sales invoice to multiple customer contacts as well as cc it to various internal stakeholders.


The only way you can do this at the moment is by either manually adding all emails to the email field in the contact card (fine for customer email addresses, not for the internal stakeholder ones), or manually checking and changing each email as it goes out to have the right people on it (not effective you have large numbers of customers).


Ideal solution would be adjust 'Email' in the Contact card to be 'Primary email' and have a new field called 'CC Email' which then flows through to the email screens.


Now that 2016.1 has its own email engine, this should be relatively easy to accomplish.




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Hi - I seem to be able to select more than one email recipient by clicking on the drop down box. I think its upto 5 addresses. Try & have another look?

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Hi Tania,


Try putting multiple email address in the card file as such (seperate each email with ; only - dont add a space);;


This will send to multiple email addresses.  I just tested it with 2 and 3 email addresses and works for me


I only tested on a Purchase Order but should be same for Invoice









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Thanks - fixed now by entring in the card file 

Will not work by selecting more than one from drop down. 

Appreicate yuur help

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Yes, please add "CC:" field, thanks.

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I am aware this has been asked before, however perhaps it's time to re-visit this problem.

We are using a job agency that requires payslips to be emailed. The employee also requires his payslip emailed and as he is eligiable for Gov. funding the Govt. also needs his payslip as do I. So, 4 payslips for the one person to be emailed. Can MYOB include multiple emails on emloyee cards please. Currently there is a facility for more than 1 phone number.

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Hi Sunshine42,  I haven't done this for pay slips before, but you can send to multiple email addresses elsewhere in the program by entering ; at the end of the email - eg.;;


Hope it works for you!

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I understand you can put multiple email addresses into the one field, separated by semi colons, like you would on an email.  Does that work for you?

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April 2016 > March 2021


Just to add  ;  between email address, MYOB being slack ++