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Email: Compose email in outlook BUT DON'T SEND YET!

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Please add an option in MYOB AccountRight Live (and any other versions) to disable automatic sending of emails in Outlook. I believe it would be very benefitial for users to be able to change/customize the contents of the email in Oultlook prior to hitting the send button. This would allow the user to select a custom signature (other than the default one), attach other files easily, add CC and BCC's to the email or other contacts stored in Outlook, and send a proper nice looking HTML message.


I currently have a workaround for this using an Outlook VBA script, but I believe this should be an inbuilt option.

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Love this idea. It would save on so many things that I have to print to a pdf printer as MYOB's email capability it so lacking. Invoices I can print a packing slip but I can't email a packing slip. Statements I do the same as I can't attach any files to my email.