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Email: Customising of Email defaults

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New Zealand

Would it be possible to be able to add logos, colour etc the email defaults, as in Outlook signatures, so that the emails look more professional.


Current Status: Done
Last Changed: September 2012

Thanks for the Idea Helen - what do others think? Would this be a useful feature for emailing?

Former Staff JasonHill
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Contributing Cover User Canopy
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Should have the ability to add your company Email signature.

Partner ASWatCR
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I think this might be a duplicated idea, but I have voted for it anyway as I think it is very important these days for emails to look professional.

Former Staff JasonHill
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Many thanks for your feedback everyone. We hope you like the changes we have made in the latest update - AccountRight 2012.10 - which is available now.
Contributing Cover User DBS
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Is is also available in AccountRight Premier? We are on V19.7 and checking for updates says there are none available.

Former Staff JasonHill
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Thanks for your post DBS. It relates to the new AccountRight. A Premier version of the new AccountRight is scheduled for release later this year.


All the best,

Jason Hill
Community Manager

Experienced Cover User Barkel
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Can you be more specific on the changes that have been implemented   I have 2013.2 and I can't see where you can go in to add a logo to an email?

MYOB Moderator Liam_M
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Hello Barkel,

The update that have been implemented is that the email now sends as HTML rather than plain text. This allows a lot of formatting options not previously available through HTML coding. This forum post shows some examples:

In regards to logos specifically, images from your own hard drive would not be able to be used, however images saved online could be added.

If you do have any feedback around these changes, please let us know.

Valued Partner interAccounts
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It would be really helpful if this can be simplified as not everyone knows HTML coding and not all small business owners can afford to either learn it or to hire an expert to do it for them.


Having a user friendly software package is something that users will need, and this isn't user friendly yet.  


It would also be great if the Email Footer is separate to the other email defaults and is what is used for all emails - regardless whether it is payroll / invoicing / purchasing etc.  When its separated, you would then be able to customise it once instead of having to do it for each option you use it for.


A suggestion about this separate email footer is to have the front end easy to use for all users (just like the Rich Text options for these forums) and have the HTML code hidden in the back end so when the email is sent it has the HTML codes sorted out.  This will then allow everyone to be able to create a professional looking email footer without needing an IT diploma or expert doing it for them.

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Has this been addressed yet?