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Emailing system

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Please, please PLEASE, improve the emailing functions on MYOB. In this day and age it is ridiculous that email functions of MYOB are so far behind.

Can't see sent emails for purchase orders

Can't email packing slip

can't change email address via drop down on send to when sending invoices and statements

This should all be done from within the system and NOT having to have a work around via thrid party function.

There are suggestions here from years ago that haven't been adressed!


This is especially valid when it comes to delivery dockets ( modified packing slips). Our customers need to use them to recieve in the goods. We need to email them. It requires us to use external app to print to pdf, then log into our out of MYOB email, attach the exported file and then send to customer. MISTAKES HAPPEN AND CUSTOMERS END UP WITH WRONG DOCKETS!!!

This needs to get changed.

Need to be able to send whichever form needs to be sent DIRECTLY from myob and have a status displaying if sent/received.

Come on guys, let's get this sorted out.





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Don't forget customer receipts too. Currently we have to print them to a third party PDF (so it's blurry), or print to paper and scan, then email the receipt. It looks unprofessional. What also looks unprofessional is the American (invoice date) and Australian (payment date) date formats both on the same receipt.