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Entering Purchase Journal for part delivery of Purchase Orders

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Hi All,


When a Purchase ORDER is created, there is no option to receive a Purchase Journal for part of the order.


Ie - Sales allows "backorder"  I can't see anything on the purchases side other than creating two purchase orders.


Currently, when you enter the order and turn it into an invoice, the order automatically changes to the invoice amount and then closes instead of remaining open with the balance.


Is this something you could look at incorporating into the system?

Ultimate Partner David_Cree
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Hello Lena,


this function is already in MYOB via the Receive Items function.


Have a look at this Support Note and the video.


Is that what you are after?




MYOB Moderator Matthew_W
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Thank you for your suggestion, the way that this is handled currently in AccountRight would be through the use of Receive Items. When you open a Purchase Order you can press the Receive button to allow you to convert a portion of the Order. Adding in a way to do this type of partial processing of an Order for Service and other Layouts is something that we're happy to look into adding. Please remember to vote on this idea if it is something that you'd like to see added.
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I understand the Receive Items.  But, there is no way to create a PJ for the portion that has been received.  I have to wait for the whole order to arrive before it can be converted to a PJ.  Many companies invoice as they go and put the rest on backorder for another invoice delivery.