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Find Transactions: Bill - Search Results to include Date column

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Some of our regular suppliers (e.g. water corporation) do not issue invoice numbers on their accounts and instead only reference an account number (the account number is what is recorded into MYOB in place of an invoice number).

Because we receive several invoices from these types of suppliers each year, it makes it difficult searching for a particular transaction from these suppliers using an account number. Especially when some account numbers have been used multples times throughout the year.


Therefore if we need to find a transaction from one of these suppliers through Find Transactions/ Bill/ Supplier Invoice No. it often displays with several results, and if we are not searching by an amount it can make it difficult to locate the invoice. Even if we use the advanced option, there is no option to search via date.


It would be handy add a date (invoice date) column into the window that appears with the search results.

Supplier Invoice No.


Invoice Date



An example is attached.




"Find Transactions search results"