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Find Transactions: Search by description transactional line




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I'd like a search function for bills, purchase orders and the like by text in the description. At the moment the AccountRight can only search text in the memo, while most detailed information in bills are actually contained in the description.

Sometime I know that I had purchased something but can't remember from which suppliers or when, a search in the description would bring that out immediately. Now I have to go through tens of bills with up to 20 lines in each of them looking for the word!


'Search bills, purchase orders by description"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: September 2012

Thanks for the feedback - would you need this search beyond just the purchases area, what about Sales? Do other people have similar needs - let us know your thoughts in the comments.

MYOB Product Manager Dan_Moulton
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MYOB Product Manager
Thanks for the feedback - would you need this search beyond just the purchases area, what about Sales? Do other people have similar needs - let us know your thoughts in the comments.
Experienced User TFCS_GL
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Yes @ Dan. Agreed with the other user. HAve 4 MYOB clients who experience the same stresses. Need this extension of search. Cheers.


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Hi Dan,

I don't need to search Sales myself (we only sell a handful of things) but I think other people would need it. In this age of too much information, the ability to search is key to everything. I even think you should have an advanced option of searching for text "anywhere".

Contributing User tin
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We often want to search sales by description - for example when a very regular customer brings something back under warranty.

Or for us, we often get requests to order in the same model product as we special ordered a few months ago, and they can't give us the details as it's not with them.


Currently we end up guessing the rough price it would have been while looking at a date range we've guessed it was purchased in. We're getting pretty good at it now ;-) But it would be very nice to have this feature.

Experienced Cover User ALEGP
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Hopefully this will be introduced to all versions of MYOB (including older version like Premier v19) as it would save considerable time in reviewing accounts and making any necessary adjustments.


A great feature would be to find transaction details based on the descriptions entered into the transaction entry screens, rather than merely the memo field (including the GST coding per line item).


As this would facilitate compliance with tax law as well as enabling consistent account coding for similar transactions.

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Hi, I would very much like this field to be included in the list of available fields for account reporting ie account transaction,   journal reports, general ledger


It is not possible to analyse an account code or provide a useful complete list of transactions as the transaction reports do not include the description field.  So instead of a quick report with all the info stored in MYOB I have run an inadequate report and then under find transactions drill down into every invoice and manually enter that description into the report downloaded from MYOB.  Thats not very efficient given that the description has already been entered.



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My recent update to AccountRight Plus 2013.5 has included Search by description. Well done MYOB!


It's not obvious though, I've only stumbled on this by accident. This is how:


Use the "Find transaction" button in the Command centre, click the "Advance..." button, search by "All accounts", fill other fields as required, then on the "Memo/Payee" line, enter the text you want to search.

 The results will include purchase and sale invoices that has the search term in one of their item description.

Experienced User John_P
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Is there any chance that MYOB will introduce a stronger "Keyword" search capability in Account Right & Essentials?


Seems like clients will need to be able to search & find older Invoices & Client details based onKeywords rather than just phone numbers, Invoice ID's etc.


Is this something that can be developed?



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It would be really good if when in the sale/purchase registers you could search a word to see which invoices have the word in it. For example searching for a job for a particular customer. Searching for a job reference will cut down the time it takes to find the invoice. As you wont have to look through each one.


Thank you,

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I need to be able to search for individual detail on all sales invoices but I can not see any way of doing it. For example: If i want to find part "ABC" from an earlier invoice using a date range or customer range.  Does anyone know how to do this ????  The reports are not searchable therefore it is not possible.