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Forms: Ability to add multiple forms to the one page

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In older versions I had a customised pay slip, but that can't be converted to use for the 2011 version.


I've tried to re do the pay slip in 2011 but can't find a way to print 2 pay slips on 1 A4 page as we used to.  Is there still the ability to do this?  If so, how?


 "Customised Pay Slips"

(25/09/2017) Merged: Idea - Print receipts with this idea. Idea on similar topic.

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Not only is it annoying not to be able to print payslips 2 to an A4 page, but it is impossible to print the payslips in batches to a pdf printer, so they can be sent to supervisors as single emails.

In the AccountRightPlus v19 desktop version it is easy to save and print payslips in batches, but the cloud version only allows them to be saved and emailed one at a time. This is very time-consuming and a retrograde step as far as I am concerned. MYOB Customer support tells me this is not a priority to fix. Obviously not. That means I will have to keep running the desktop version instead of the cloud for a customer payroll as this is an essential feature for me.

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is it possible for myob to provide a few different pay slip templates we can download and add to our datafiles? the only pay slip available is good enough, but the main issue is each payslip is one whole page. if we could have a pay slip like payroll advice to print off so when printed, we can save paper space.


also, the payroll advice would be better if it did not split the one pay advice between pages. i am aware you can click on separate pages, but this then uses up lots of paper that doesnt need to be wasted

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Thanks for your feedback. Our development team plan to introduce the ability to print multiple items per page very soon.

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Previously (on our old Account Premier "Earth" based) if we had two receipts to print out they fitted nicely on one A4 page. No waste of paper.


Now, after moving to Online Account Right and migrating the receipt form, find that needing to print two receipts (to two different people) equals using two sheets of A4 paper (wasting half an A4 sheet of paper each time). Could this please be fixed? SURELY we are not the only ones with this problem. 



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or don't break up a pay advise when a pay advise report is printed

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Hi, before upgrading to Accountright Live we were able to print multiple payslips to one A4 page, saving paper and reducing wastage.  I can't seem to find any way to do this in the new version and am wasting a page per employee each fortnight.  A payslip for a business like ours takes a maximum of about 15cm and we used to be able to fit 3-4 per page. I think I have seen that this has already been logged for resolution so just letting you know there are more of us out here needing this fixed.  Thanks

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Hi @OysterFarmer 

Thank you for feedback and comments. 

In AccountRight v19 you could specific the number of cheques/payslips you wanted to have on a page. However with the redesign and format of the newer AccountRight customise form process, this feature has been removed from the program. In saying that the team (and I'm sure some clients) are keen to add that feature back in with future releases as such I'll pass your feedback on.

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In the old (desktop only) version of MYOB our customised A5 receipts used to print two to an A4 page. Since we have changed to Account Right Live we waste half a sheet of paper each time we print a receipt. This gets particularly bad when you are producing say six or so receipts at a time. Could this be fixed please? Thanks.


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I too an annoyed that the feature to print 2 A5 receipts on one page has been removed.  Means we waste half of every piece fo paper.  Over 1000 receipts to print means lots of paper wasted, and a s a not for profit, not something we can afford.  Why do software developers remove these important feature.  Please fix it urgently.

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I used to be able to select print payslips 2 in 1 in preferences for printing, but now if I do that I just get 1 smaller payslip per page.  Its just a waste of paper not being able to reduce the size and print 2 per page.