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Forms: Invoices - Terms and conditions/second page

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Suggest that we are able to add a 2nd page to all quotes/orders/invoices for things like Terms and Conditions that can be automatically printed within MYOB.


As a minimum and pre-cursor to this suggest that the Labels format be changed in AR Live to allows us to have 1 A4 label on the page so that we can use this for Quote Terms and Conditions like we have been using in previous versions of MYOB.


"Ability to add extra last page to custom forms for Terms and Conditions"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: September 2013

Thanks for the great Idea. We would love to hear from other users what you think. Please keep the votes and comments coming.

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Definately would like to add terms and conditions and customisable additional pages

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Yes please this is really important for any business.  I believe it able to be done in Xero so it cant be that hard 

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This is a MUST 

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For those of you following this post, you can do this in AR now by adding a PDF document when you email the invoice :-)

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G'day all!


I thought to spread the knowledge here. I've recently made a post on a few options you can use in the mean time, check out this post: PO Form with Terms & Conditions


Feel free to ask any questions on this or provide any feedback on the deets.


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We desperately need to be able to add terms and conditions as our Last Page only for customised Invoices form and also Purchases too please

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This is now absolutely an essential requirement of invoices in our business. 

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Can we have the ability to add a second page to invoices so they print out with our company terms and conditions?

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Would be even better to be added to a quote also. Great idea :-) 

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Hi has any workaround or solution been found to this problem yet?