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Forms: Invoices - Terms and conditions/second page

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Suggest that we are able to add a 2nd page to all quotes/orders/invoices for things like Terms and Conditions that can be automatically printed within MYOB.


As a minimum and pre-cursor to this suggest that the Labels format be changed in AR Live to allows us to have 1 A4 label on the page so that we can use this for Quote Terms and Conditions like we have been using in previous versions of MYOB.


"Ability to add extra last page to custom forms for Terms and Conditions"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: September 2013

Thanks for the great Idea. We would love to hear from other users what you think. Please keep the votes and comments coming.

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Have a similar issue. Every time an invoice is sent out, it is necessary to send through a safe work method statement. Would like to be able to add pages to the template invoice and have fields (already on invoice template) update the SWMS so when the invoice is emailed out, it includes the updated SWMS rather than having to manually update the SWMS in other software, attach it to the invoice email from MYOB.


Xero has the function to customise invoices being the adding of subsequent pages to MYOB invoices template with merge fields!

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Any updates in this??

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Has the above been created yet?

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Yes please

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I would really like this. I found it very annoying to have to attach my terms and conditions everytime...

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this is a really good idea. I would save me 15mins everytime I send a quote!

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This would be a fantastic idea. My summary terms and conditions take up a third of the page, which of course only gets printed on the bottom of the last page. This leaves a huge space at the bottom of each page of a quote.   I then spend a long time re formatting my quotes, just so a portion of the quote will fit on one page. Terms and Conditions on a whole separate page would mean I can print the full T & C instead of summary ones. 

It would make my life so much easier every single time I do a quote!  PLEASE do something about this.