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Forms: Invoices - able to set column margins

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It would be really healpful if I could adjust margin settings in table colums so that large numbers fit into colums and dont carry over to next line as in the attcahed scan of an invoice template.


The only current way to fix this is to make 8 seperate tables with 1 column in each one and overlap them to make them fit.


in the old version of myob you could overlap columns in a table so you didnt have to adjust the margins, you cold just overlap them until your numbers fit correctly. in the new one they have taken this capabiliity away and not left any way to fix the problem apart from completly re writing your tables from scatch



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I also have this issue with the form customiser. 

I would like to see the column margins being able to be changed, but also the field attributes.

I have migrated my forms from v19 and have spent a very frustrating 3 weeks trying to rebuild them.

Quite a lot of the functionality for form customising has been lost in this version.

I am particularly disappointed that you cant resize the labels to fit as yu could in the last version.