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Forms: (Item) Invoices - Discounted unit price column

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I thought I would just write a post as I've searched all over to solve this problem and I assume that it can't be altered but thought I'd try the forum as a last try.


Basically we run AccountRight Premier V19.6. When printing an item invoice it has the unit price (lets say $10) and then the discount colum (let's say 20%) and then the total which is the extended price (so the total number of units x the unit price less the discount).


My question is is there any way to add a column on the printed invoice that has the unit price adjusted for the discount so if someone was buying 10 items at $10 with a 20% discount it would show the item price $10 less discount 20% is unit price $8 and then extended price $80, so that customers can see what the discounted unit price is.



'Invoicing - showing discounts off unit price"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: September 2013

Thanks for the feedback. Sounds like a sensible idea -we'd love to know how many other businesses need this? Use the Vote button if you like this idea.

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You are right, MYOB will not do this.



Clive Williams

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We're having EXACTLY the same problem and I was just about to post the same question - OMG - how could MYOB NOT have this functionality? To overcome this, we have to enter the unit price of EVERY line item we sell to ensure our customers know what their buying unit price is. This takes far too long to do - how is it that MYOB cannot add the single item in the sales table that must exist in the table as it is used to calulate the extended price? This cannot be too costly or too onerous a change....and given the disasterous launch of the much vaunted upgraded system - surely issues like this can be quickly addressed and released quickly. Any comments MYOB?

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It would be good to be able to print the discounted items unit price on invoices instead of only having the option to print the regular price and also the discount percentage.

For example it is confusing for customers to see on an invoice

Qty 3 Item xxx Description std price 5.50 total amount 12.00.

Also it would be nice to be able to see when entering sales for a customer the last price charged for that item for that particular customer as a drop down or something instead of having to run the customer detail report history each time.





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I, also was about to post this same question.  Is there a way we can request MYOB to look at including this function.  It shouldn't be a hard function to include as the program would have to work it out at some stage anyway.

Having to manually add it as a separate line involves a lot of additional hours of work over all and more chance of mistakes Smiley Frustrated


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Well its been just under a year since my post on this and no reply from MYOB as to whether they are even thinking about doing this - so I wouldn't hold your breath Jeni. They are quick to respond with a few comfort phrases - but when it comes to actually doing anything to improve the functionality of the product - that's a whole different issue.



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Thanks for your feedback. I have moved this thread to the Idea Exchange for the benefit of our product development team.


All the best,

Jason Hill
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I operate a business which sells products which other people produce. As a selling fee I take 20% from everything I purchase as a commission.

I am using Premier V19 

I apply Volume discount of 20% on every purchasers card in the "buying details" for all purchases.

When I create a purchase, it includes the volume discount and adjusts the purchase - great - but I need the discount to show on a remittance advice.

I can enter it as a "$" amount on payment and this achieves what I am after, but it is tedious to have to manually calculate and enter the discount each time.

It would be great to have the "Volume discount" linked to an additional "Volume Discount - column every page" which would reflect discounts taken as a % of the purchase price.

I could then issue a Remittance advice which would show the sellers original price, the discounts taken as a commission and the net amount paid in satisfaction of their invoice.

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PLEASE can we have the ability to print the amount of discount on a customers invoice and total discount for the monrht on their statement.  It makes is difficult for us with customers who dont think they have a discount because they cant see the amount on the invoice or statement.





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Hi Kathy


As a workaround you can show discount% on the invoice to show the customer that they have a discount

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Thanks for the feedback. Sounds like a sensible idea -we'd love to know how many other businesses need this? Use the Vote button if you like this idea.