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Forms: (Item) Invoices - Only print descriptions and totals, not item details.




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Can MYOB have an Option to only print descriptions with subtotals and totals from an item invoice, and not the item details.


By way of background – our process to create an invoice that does not show items, involves creating a service invoice reflecting the comments, subtotals, and totals from the item invoice.


If we were to present an invoice as comes standard with MYOB, with the items shown there could be many pages of details that create noise, allowing the customer to pick apart the details and giving poor presentation of the billed business services.


To work around the problem, we need to have an “interim invoice”.  We perform the manufacturing and shipping and then bill ourselves.  This is necessary to capture the stock movement and financial impact when a sale is conducted.  There is a replica customer facing service invoice with the comments, headers, with the subtotals copy and pasted from the interim invoice.  There is also a service invoice created to reverse the details of the item invoice.   This is a clunky, error prone, and difficult to reconcile and track process.  There is no systematic link between the documents.  The document relationships are noted manually.


I would like to explore the use one train of sales documents only to manage the process.


So can MYOB provide then ability for a sales form, be it quote, order or invoice NOT print the detail items, but print everything else.  In the custom form design, there could be a selector for which category of invoice rows are printed, (e.g. detail, subtotal, Header, comment, and blank rows).


"Option to only print descriptions with subtotals and totals from an item invoice, and not the item details."

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Additional info on the request:

I expect this request would be of particular interest to firms that manufacture and use the Auto-build and Build processes, especially if there are builds within builds for semi-finished and finished products.  Also organisations that have items that different levels of importance, where a summary item can be used.