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Get Statement: Rule set up

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Please could we be able to apply rules to Imported Statements in one of 2 ways


Either - let us import statements into the Bank Feeds window so that the Rules functionality will apply

Or - add the rules functionality to the Get Statement window (from either Bank Register or Bank Reconciliation)


We get many clients who give us accounts just once per year and it's all retrospective. It's very frustrating having to code a years worth of transactions knowing the functinality exists elsewhere in the product, and fully exists in a competitor product


"Bank Feeds - Transaction Rules"

Current Status: Maybe later
Last Changed: September 2013

Thanks for the feedback Murray, We originally didn't do QIF import into the bank feed screen for simplicity sake, but I can see it's a helpful idea. We also like the idea of getting historical data from banks so you can specify to get historical data when you first start a bank feed which I think would be good.

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Could we please clarify that this feature isn't already in the product. The current "Get Statement function" doesn't use the bankfeed screen and more importantly doesn't use 'rules.'


The original poster wants to be able to import 

@Jmourtada wrote:

... statements in .qif format so we can create and run rules on old bank statements as well not only on the new bank feeds.



I.e. To use the bank rules feature on imported statements.


This feature is available in MYOB BankLink, MYOB Essentials and Xero and is helpful when you only activate a bankfeed at a certain point in time and you need to quickly catch up on all the dates prior to the bankfeed activation date.


I hope by clarifying that the status of this idea can be reverted from 'Already in Product' to 'Under Consideration.' I believe this feature will be particularly appreciated by users just starting out in ARL and just beginning to activate bankfeeds. 

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Hi @gindi (& @Jmourtada ) 


Thank you for your feedback in regards to this idea and the status of it.

Upon reviewing this Idea I have updated the status to be Under Consideration. The idea's premise is the allowing of Get Statement to have rules to allowing the data to be easily matched.

Currently the following criteria must be met for a valid auto-match between a transaction in the company file and a transaction from the statement file:

  1. Cheque: Cheque number and Amount must be the same.
  2. Deposit: Amount and Date must be the same.
  3. Other transaction types: Amount and Date must be the same

I would encourage other users that would like to see the option for creating rules within Get Statement to vote and comment if required for this idea.

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Thanks for changing the status from already in product to under consideration.


To work on backlogs efficiently it is very useful if we can upload old bank statements in .qif format into BankFeeds page not into Bank reconciliation page (Get Statement) so we are able to run the rules setup in BankFeeds on the old banking data before applying for bankfeeds date. Basically posting the transaction off the .qif bank data file.

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Hi @Jmourtada


Thank you for your additional input into this idea. I have shared it with the team.

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Yes - please this needs to happen - I have voted.


I dont understand why you cant simply import a csv/qif into the bank feeds screen i.e. for historical data before the bank feed started.  MYOB is not making it easy to change over and get started.

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Thank you for voting and providing your feedback in regards to this idea. I have shared your thoughts with the team.

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I agree it would be wonderful if you could upload hsitorical data and would save plenlty of time.


What is the best process for uploading current bank statements? for AccountEdgev13. Do you sent up rules and then upload in bank register or reconcile accounts?

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Hi @bbb


Thanks for showing your support for this idea.

AccountEdge v13 has got an update Bank Statement feature. This allows for the setup of rules to allow for easier matching if required. For more information into the Bank Statement feature of AccountEdge please see AccountEdge Help Article: Importing statements