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As there seems to be many posts which get neglected, or just generally misssed with crucial suggestions, I thought I would make these posts about a few features that I think should be included in Sales/Purchases/Cards. I believe these would be beneficial to many vendors. If the posts don't get votes, they get s**bleep**ped aside  as archive. So if you would like to see them implemented, make sure you press the thumbs up!


1. Ability to view sent (emailed) quotes in exactly the same way as invoices


2. Ability to view sent (emailed) purchase orders in exactly the same way as invoices


3. Ability to have clients accept quotes online which would then notify you the client has accepted the quote and option to review/action it.


4. Option to automatically add surcharge amount to invoices in a separate field if customer was to pay with credit card ( Not having this is what is pushing me away from setting up card payments with MYOB). Once cleared, invoice should be automatically marked as paid or have partial amount credited to invoice if deposit.


5. To have search field that filters through invoices searching specific key words and brings up results that enable you to open and view the invoices containing that search phrase/word. Very useuful when looking up custom products made that do not have an item code.  I am aware that there is a search fucntion, but that only searches the fields shown on summary ( main window ) . It does not search the data WITHIN the invoice. Currently method is to open up each invoice and go through each one manually. VERY time consuming and stressfull.


6. A better item report feature that is impemented into item card file as a button that will enable you to view which client had bought the item, how many and when with a link to invoices at a click. Current item reporting is very limited.



7. SET ITEM PRICES TAB- Needs major overhaul. Useless. Needs to have option to increase prices across board by percentage or even at specific price level, rather than export/import through spreadsheet. Current way of setting prices is useless through this tab. It seems like a feature that was added in for the sake of it.


8.  Option on client card file to have percentage ADDED on top of the price on file ( much like volume discount but reverse ) and that amount reflected in the item cost field, rather than separate "Discount" field.  Showing the total with percentage added as the item sale price. 


These are the main ones that stand out at present. I believe they should be an essential part of the package, because at the moment it feels very incomplete.