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Import/Export Assistant: Default settings

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Every day we import sales data using the import/export assistant.


It would really save time if one could save some default settings.


So on the first page we alays have to click import data.

On page 2 we alwsys have to click sales and then service sales, and then we have to select the same file from the same location. (our excel macro that makes the data nice and friendly makes the same file in the same location each time)

On page 3 we have to change the first line contains to data

On page 4 we always click match all

On page 5 we click import.


It would save so much time if MYOB could remember just a few of these settings, or in preferences allow you to set some defaults so that you don't need so many clicks each import.


 "Default settings for import/export assistant"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: December 2014

Thanks for taking the time to make this excellent suggestion. It could certainly save time if the import/export assistant defaulted to the settings from the previous import every time it is opened. Anyone who would like to see this, please cast your vote here. Make sure you're signed in and click on the purple vote button at the top left-hand side of the screen. If you post a comment, don’t forget to vote as well!

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I just want to give this idea a bump!


It seems like such a minor change to have AR remember the last used choices, or have the option to set defaults.


It is so cumbersome to have to go through the same steps each time, and every AR user who imports/exports daily would do the same stepe every day.


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I would also like to bump this idea! We alos export data quiet regularly in a particular order so it would make our lives so much easier if we could literally just click on a presaved template & it just exports it rather than having to select them in that specific order every time..

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We are in 2021 and i cant believe this still hasn't been implemented.


I order my fields in the way i want them exported to excel and have to do this monthly but every time i have to do the labourious process to select fields and re-order them why give a functionality that cannot be saved.



Please if anyone else has a solution may be I am missing something.

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There is a short answer;

MYOB just does not care. They would rather jack up the price every year.

The suggestion support forum is full of little sugesitons that would be so easy and cheap for myob to impliment, and make MYOB so much easier to use.

This is a classic example.

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Another vote from me. I'd love to be able to save a few different export selection "sets" like we can the custom reports. It's particularly frustrating when you can't find the field you want since there's no way to search the available fields either (that I've found). 


So it's not quite the same as the OP request to save default settings, but to save the selected fields etc as well... Won't hold my breath.