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Import/Export Assistant: Sales- Tax Inclusive amount export field (TAX INC)

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We need to export our sales invoices/miscellaneous sales in order to import it into banking software.

To do this we need 4 columns. Date, Invoice No, Customer Name and TAX-INC AMOUNT.

This was a simple process when using AccountRight 19.11. I have upgraded  (just yest) to ARLIve2015 and I have noticed that within the export fields for miscellaneous sales,  there is not an option to export TAX INC AMOUNT.

It will of course export Amount and GST,  but I do not want to have to open my excel file and do extra work to get the result I need, when it was something the previous version of AccountRight did with no issue.

Can you resolve this, add in a TAX INC AMOUNT field? There is a field called INCLUSIVE but all that does it add an X into Excel file.Supports answer, well they didn't have answer, except for it being an "oversight".

"Exporting Sales invoices to Excel, Tax Inc Field missing"

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We would like these columns added please. They should have been there in the first place. It has created a massive amount of work for 3rd parties changing their programs to read a new output file from Account Right.


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I fully agree, please correct this oversight.