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Important things missing from MYOB

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1. Purchase - In Tray

Great idea and love it, really useful.

2. Sales - In Tray

Was supposed to be incorporated into MYOB in 2019/2020.

Being able to tie a PO and delivery docket to a clients invoice is really important.

We often get asked to provide proof of delivery and who signed for it. If it was attached to the invoice this would be so much easier.

Given the code is already written for Purchases, surely it cant be that hard to implement for Sales???

3. PDF Quality - Send To 'Disk...' and/or 'Email...'

NOTE: This has nothing to do with "my PDF's are poor quality"

A simple single page invoice with nothing but text i.e. no JPG/PNG etc graphics results in a 500K PDF. Way too big.

Add to that simple single page invoice a couple 100K of graphics and the resulting PDF balloon's out to 2500K. Way way too big. If I print that out in colour and scan as a PDF back to my email, it is now 100K.

Comparison with a Microsoft Word document with 26 pages and loads of graphic results in a native docx file of 2000K, and as a PDF 300K on Standard Optimisation.

A Publisher file at 11,000K is reduced to 255K when saved as a PDF.

The CutePDF work around is not really suitable as it adds more sets to what should be a simple process, so please dont offer this as a solution.

Given the Office and a lot of other programs allow you to set the PDF quality this should be pretty straight forward for MYOB to implement. As it is something offered as standard by so many other programs it is probably a module supplied by Adobe i.e. I am more than happy to pay an extra couple of dollars per month for that capability.

4. Sales - Apply Credits

I complained to our Bookkeeper that MYOB wouldn't allow me to apply credits to open invoices. She refused to believe me and said i must be doing something wrong. So, when she made the mistake of coming around to see what I was doing, and then tell me off, i went through the process to apply a credit to one or more open invoices. Proved that Automatically Apply didn't work. Manually Apply didn't work either as it wouldn't show me the open invoices, it reckons that there are no open invoices to apply a credit too. So she has to do Bookkeeper magic in the background.

5. Sales - Customer - Open Invoices

When a client rings up asking to know what they owe I go to this screen, but................ and it is an important 'but'.

It doesn't shows any Returns and Credits tied to them. Yes you can do a report/print etc to show all this, but why not add that information in Open Invoices? Or add a new tab called 'Overview' or 'Summary' which shows the true status of the client. 

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Best of luck getting anything implemented 

The care factor from MYOB about improving anything is absolutely minimal 

You may have some beter luck as what you want is really more accountant/paperwork orientated.

I have been trying for way too may years to get any improvements to The Inventory/purchasing/sales system and so far ZIPPO improvements

In some cases actual steps backward have been made

The TEAM ( and they should hang their collective head in shame) just doesnt make any real advancements except in useless reports and changing the colours of the screens 

Not much help at all



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really slow response by MYOB and disappointing that they dont match competitor offering, especially, as you say, the code for purchases in tray already written. Could even use the same in-tray as long as the document can be assigned to sales as well as spend-money or bills

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Amen to sales intray!

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In regard to point 4, I wonder if these are an access issue.  Do you have full access to do apply credits?  If yes, then you would be able to apply them.

In regard to point 5, if a customer wants to know how much they owe, you should be going to their Card File to get the balance (not Purchase Register).  It is too easy to provide a wrong balance owing using the Purchase Register - Open Invoices as the range of dates you  have selected may not capture all outstanding invoices (as well as Credits not displaying).

I too am waiting for the Sales "In-Tray" as we also will uses to store customer POs, Proof of Delivery, working drawings and any emails from the customer

Let's hope MYOB listen!

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If I could add a number 6 to the above list from SDHBV.. it's that we can't export our Contacts list. A huge bugbear for us, and one that if I knew about prior to subscribing, I wouldn't have. Workarounds are monstrous. 

May be oversimplifying, but if MYOB can import contacts, why not export??




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Hello @SuzanneWalker 

It is possible to export your contact cards.

Go to File / Import export Assistant / Export Data / Cards / select the type of card / select all fields or just the ones you want / Export to a file on your computer.

This file can then be opened in Excel to work on.

Hope this is what you were after.



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With applying credits to open invoices, if using categories (bottom right of invoice entry screen), the category must be the same on both credit & invoice or no invoices will show as open to apply the credit.

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Please add the ability to attach documents to sales records, as per purchases

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Spot on DazzaB