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In Tray: Add MYOB subscription invoices directly





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The In Tray function is great! Wondering if it would it be possible to have our MYOB subscription invoices sent there directly or to at least have the option for that to happen? I can get other suppliers linked up but not MYOB!

Just a thought... Cheers


"In Tray"

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Contributing Cover User

Good Morning I am enjoying my suppliers email invoices going straight to my in tray the email attachment to forward emails directly to my in tray is also extremely handy.


This speeds up my data input quite a bit.


Now I would like to suggest that MYOB send their invioce emails directly to my in tray as well as my email program

I currently forward your email across - kind of strange since it is your software after all Smiley Happy Smiley Happy


I would love for this to be the case as I'm sure you have quite a few customers by now.


Kind Regards

Stuart Hart

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I get sent invoices by email sometimes - not all. I have tried to access them in myMYOB but the option in 'my account - invoices' is not there. Can someone look into this & make it that I can access them? 


Also to make a comment on this Community you need to tick the box that you have read & agree to abide by the rules. I do not have a problem in doing that but you need to change the screen so you can read all of the words.

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Hi, why is it that the MYOB monthly invoices are not automaticaly sent to our Intray? isnt this what MYOB is offering for our other suppliers to do? surely you guys can manange this?