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In Tray: Download all documents in file




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Hi There,


I would like to use the in-tray for expenses and bills and invoices however if we were to change from MYOB to another inventory/accounts system I wouldn't be able to transfer this information across it would be lost.  This would course a problem if we need to go back over any of this information years later if we were audited. 


"In-Tray back up"

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I agree. We need to be able to download all attachments and/or sync attachments to a cloud storage provider like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox.


MYOB has made some big advancements with new Essentials and AccountRight in the Browser but, as an accountant who oversees bookkeeping for many clients, I cannot recommend MYOB because the current situation means a client has to either:

a) keep a duplicate copy of all invoices elsewhere which is inefficient

b) accept they will have to pay the subscription for a further 7 years after they stop using MYOB or

c) accept they will lose all their attachments if they ever cancel their subscription.


Your biggest competitor retains the client's data after they cancel their subscription for the 7 years required by IRD. The client can restart their subscription at any point in those 7 years and pick up where they left off.

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It would be great to see an option where you can download bulk documents that have been attched to the file via the InTray.