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In Tray: Show all (including one with attachments already) when linking

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It would be good to have ALL the currently open bills, INCLUDING those with an attachment already linked, when  "link to Existing Bills" is selected, with the option to either switch the attachment or add a 2nd attachment.

At the moment, it only shows those bills without an attachment.

We are moving from paper to computer based and there are a few invoice double ups. If this function was enabled it would reduce the number of invoices accidently added as a bill twice!


"In Tray "Link to Existing Bill" shows ALL existing bills for supplier"

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agree  = I am just starting to use the in tray function and just spend ages trying to find an invoice to link it to - only to finally find that I had already attached a document to it = you should also be able to attach more that one item to an invoice