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In Tray: Store documents locally - for local or network files

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All our MYOB software is run from and stored on our local network and I'm extremely disappointed to find out that we cannot use the "Purchases -> Intray" invoice pdf storage option without having to use the online cloud system?


If our software is set to use our local network then all the software options, including the Intray should be able to use that storage system. This is something which should be looked into and fixed so non-cloud users aren't disadvantaged.

"Purchases register -> storing PDF's on local network NOT online"

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I'd like to see the in tray idea available for offline, not just the cloud. Link to files stored anywhere! 

We have reports etc that need to be linked to invoices, jobs etc, and the actual size of some of them make it too slow to upload as such.

We store in out One Drive that auto syncs with the cloud, and would be great if we could have a simple file link to those documents.