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In Tray: Upload document direct from Scanner

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When loading files to intray an option to get directly to scanner would save time. Currently to upload a document you have to physically put it in the scanner, then you scan it, then you save it, then you have to locate it, select it and upload it, this is crazy. To just select scanner from intray would save minutes everytime.


"uploading to intray"

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I don't have to do that, I can just drag it across - even from an e-mail I just click and drag.  

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Hello @abacusowner ,

I assume that it is an issue when you receive a supplier bill in the mail that you scan to get it to the InTray via the steps you detail.

Your scanner probably has a function to send the scan directly to an email. If so then you can email the scanned bill to the InTray and so saving all the steps you do now. See this MYOB website for all the details on how to do this.

Hope this helps.