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Integration: Zapier and AccountRight

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Come on MYOB, go and talk to Zapier and get integrated so you can give your customers the option to automatically sync and integrate with hundreds of other online services to help improve automated workflow in small business! Integrate everything so your customers can benefit. A lot quicker this way than fielding thousands of requests. I think your ROI would be sub a year and frustrated customers would start to disappear.


"Any plans to integrate Zapier and MYOB?"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: December 2014

Thanks for your suggestion. Anyone else who'd like to see Zapier integration, please cast your vote here.

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Thanks for your suggestion. Anyone else who'd like to see Zapier integration, please cast your vote here.

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We would definitly love to see zapier integration from myob live.

The major reason for this is that we use barcloud inventory management and it does not link with myob but it does link with zero and quickbooks due to zapier.


Can someone from the myob team please update us as to if this is definitly in the pipeline and what sort of timeframe we are looking at? 

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Hi @BarcloudUser


Thank you for your feedback in regards to AccountRight and Zapier.

Currently this idea has been marked as Under Consideration. At this stage we don't have a time frame for when this particular idea will be placed in development. In the meantime I would encourage other users to vote and comment if required for this idea.

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MYOB are building a great product. But one of the big things they need to work on is integration. Integration can often let a product win out as teckkies are looking for easy solutions to problems.

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Integration is key - raising to do items for managers to approve supplier invoices/timesheets etc in apps they are comfortable with and have these update the myob file is essential going forward.

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As a new MYOB user. It a massive user of integration I'm disappointed to date with MYOB's capability in this area. It is a huge waste of time to have to download, save etc from my MyOb acct. Please go and speak with Zapier

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We would be interested in this. It is amazing how many programs integrate with Xero. MYOB needs to be clear with it users as to what it plans to do in this space so we can make longer term decisions about which product will best suit our needs.

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Disappointing that this was suggested back in 2014 and still hasn't been made possible!

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We at BI4Cloud -Business Intelligence ( one of the MYOB Add-on solutions) love Zapier and we use it extensively in our business to save time and ensure data is always kept up to date in multiple systems.


We have recently built a private Zap using Zapier that will create a Zap for the following two actions in MYOB ARLive:

  • All Customers who had their first transaction in a set Date in MYOB (new customers)
  • All Invoices with an Invoice Date in a set Date  in MYOB

It's a POC. This could be the basis to build a Zap to integrte to other systems e.g. Add a new Customer in MYOB and a Zap  could automatically add this customer to a Mail Chimp list for you to do email marketing or to BaseCRM.  Or Add a new invoice in MYOB and you create a Zap that will automatically add this invoice to a Google Sheets Row etc.


To be able to do this you would need to use our Business Intelligence tool which uses the API to connect into MYOB AR Live file and from the BI4Cloud database we can create the Zap.


We will be able to create other Zaps from MYOB data/transactions (at present we do not do any Zaps into MYOB).

We would be very interested to know what other "Triggers" or data from MYOB you would be interested in using to fire off a Zap.

Reply here or email us at


I will let you know when this is available for Trial with MYOB ARLive.






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Uhmm..  Let me be clear here,  unless this is made available in the VERY near future,  I will be moving to another accounting platform.


I have very little use for an accounting platform which doesn't provide basic API integrations and I sure as heck have no intention to double punch invoices into separate systems.


Please advise that this is about to be released or not so I can make an informed decision