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Inventory: Increase character limit for Item name

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It would be really handy if the item name could be longer than 30 characters, if we could have a maximum of 50 characters it would make life much easier.


I know that you can select to use the description instead but this doesn't show up everywhere in MYOB and sometimes we need that space for other information.  We have over 5000 different items in our file and 30 words is just not enough most of the time.


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"Item name length needs to be longer"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: December 2013

Thanks for the idea of having more characters in the item name field MHS. We would love to hear if other users would also like to see the field length extended. Please add a vote if you would like to see this enhancement.

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I agree the name length is too short.


Also additional name description fields would be handy ie Name1, Name2, Name3.  We do books so additonal fields for authors and subjects are needed to be printed on customer library invoices.

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You can do this if you use the Description field on the Items Details tab and tick the Use Description box.


You could also link a picture of the book on this page.

















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Hello Global,


You could also use the Custom List fields for entering the additional info.

Rename the fields from 1,2 & 3 in the Lists menu to


Subject / Genre


of what ever suits

and the Custom Lists for variables such as


Lib Ref



all this can be setup to print on the invoice.


Hope this helps.




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Thanks for the idea of having more characters in the item name field MHS. We would love to hear if other users would also like to see the field length extended. Please add a vote if you would like to see this enhancement.
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Would really love to see the Item Name extended, would make life so much easier

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Wanting Item number and Item name extended. This would make things easier as we can have matching numbers and names as our overseas suppliers. This will allow us to order directly from MYOB as we are now manually creating orders on Publisher.

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This is a NO BRAINER!  We have many items, half of them longer than the allocated space.  It is absolutely INFURIATING having to copy and paste text EVERY SINGLE TIME we do an invoice because of the character restriction. MYOB has a reputation for slow evolution, which is why people are flocking to Xero in droves.  Please stop considering it and just do it. As soon as possible. Begging you. Please!!!!!!! 

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Hi @myloss 

Thank you for your feedback and voting for this idea. I have shared your thoughts with the team.

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Hi All,


I have a bit of a problem and expect some others may do as well. I need to use longer descriptions on my quotes to ensure my customers understand the product i am quoting. I also need to be able to add some other information on an Ad-hoc basis, like special product configurations for a particular client that will not apply to others. This is easy with the <shift+control+r> feature except when printing invoices the header does not show up if you are using the long description on invoices. I do understand that i can cut and paste the longer description into the quote manually but it does seem to be a little daft to not be able to have the header as well as the long description in my quotes/invoices. I also do not want both long and short descriptions on the quotes as it looks daft. I want the long description and headers.


OK. In the quote entry you do NOT get an option as to which description appears on the line. It is the short description only. (inventry window, profile, name). This description is far too short to be of any use to me or my clients.(approx 28 characters). In the inventry window, Item details, there is a description box that is far more relavent to the information that SHOULD be on a client quote. However, if you use this on a quote you cannot use the header feature to add individual notes as they simply will not appear.


I would prefer to see on the quote entry window the longer description (or at least the option to use it) so that notes can be added easily and i dont have to go through the pain of manually adding a description.


Would love to hear your thoughts on this.


Best regards,


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We require a greater amount of characters in the Item name box for our inventory.  Some of our items have drawing numbers ( several characters long), a description and a length and we cannot fit all the information in the small box provided.  Can this rectified please? It is important that we clearly show the

"Increase character limit in Item Name field in Inventory"