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Inventory - PO and Receive Items - are they doing what they should?





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This suggestion is focused on inventory and in particular how the purchase orders and "receive items" operate. 

I admit I am new to this level of detail in inventory, but can certianly follow the logic behind it. 


This happened to one of my clients last week who had just started using inventory:

(I converted the example to simple numbers). 

1) Entered a PO for 10 items x $1,000 - $10,000. 

2) Physically received 6 and then used the "Receive items" function (as they had been already been sold)

3) Paid the PO at face value which was now - 6 items x $1,000 - $6,000

4) Supplier phoned and said why have you short paid - they were supposed to pay for the order in full.


Client obviously did not realise that when they used "Receive Items", the actual value of the PO changed (i.e. from $10,000 to $6,000 - based on the number actually received).  This got me thinking, what happened to the other 4 units (we still wanted them, and where has the audit trail gone for them?) - but also how should we pay for them given typically payment must be made before the items are shipped?


Option 1: Pay $10,000 even though the PO says $6,000 and sit in credit until the final goods are received and/or PO is converted to an invoice.  Probably the simplist option, but does rely on the client knowing NOT to pay what the PO says.


Option 2: (Or so I thought it was an option until I realised how it would misrepresent inventory on the Balance Sheet).  I thought I could adjust the top line of the PO to 6 items (which would agree with the 6 items received) and then enter 4 items on the next line down.  This would give me a $10,000 PO to pay through "Pay Bills".  However, when recapping the transaction I noticed that it was not $6k recognised to Inventory (DR) / AP Inventory Accrual (CR), it was the full $10,000 (which is incorrect according to my understanding - only the items received should be recognised in inventory and as a corresponding accrual).  This was also reflected in the inventory reports showing it as having purchased 6 items for $10,000 rather than $6,000.  This issue does sort itself out once the PO is converted to an invoice, but in the interim the accounts are not accurate.  I am not sure if there are any flow on implications -  i.e. if the items are then sold before the PO is converted to an invoice is the correct COGS/purchases recognised?


Option 3: Given Option 2 is not desirable, you could change the PO from 10 to 6 and then raise another PO for 4 and pay them together for $10,000.  Again this does need client user awareness of how to treat the transaction/s.


As mentioned, I have not previously been involved with inventory in this greater detail and was not aware of these intricacies.  I am curious if MYOB intends to address any of them or if it is a case of users being aware of the intricacies and working with the system accordingly.  Again, please point out if I have missed the point here. I just feel I owe it to my clients to understand how it all actually works.


I look forward to your feedback.