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Inventory: Separate item descriptions for sales and purchases

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From what I can tell, creating an inventory item that has a suitable description for both sales and purchases is not achievable.


If there was a tick box under the item details tab for:


'include item description on sales'




'include item description on purchases' it would simply solve this problem.


I could then use the detailed description for sales and the profile name for purchase orders and generate my purchase orders with little effort directly from the customer sales order.

"Inventory Item Details tab, separate tick boxes for sales and purchases"

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I would like to see the option of "Use Item Description" to be expanded to have a switchable On/Off for Purchases only, and a new one added for Sales only.


Currently the only choice is either to tick it "On" for both Purchases and Sales.


I have a lot of information that I print onto the Invoice (for the benefit otf the Customer).

My Suppliers do not need all the extra information so I would like to be able to print a Supply Order with the Item Name only (rather than the full Item Description), and print the Invoices with the Item Description only.


Please refer attached image.

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We have used Quickbooks for a large number of years and loved that it gave us the option to record separate descriptions on our Purchase Orders and Sales Invoices. Is there any way that we can have this functionality incorporated into MYOB?

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Excellent! Please implement this idea, it would help immensely - often we purchase an item and use the suppliers description, and then sell it under a completely different description to our customers.


Has there been any advancement on this idea? It would greatly reduce the time spent purchasing and invoicing.

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Hi @ext26


Thank you for your feedback and thoughts in regards to this idea. 

Along with commenting for an idea on the AccountRight Idea Exchange you can show your support by voting. To vote for an idea select the + VOTE Button to the left of the idea's name.

Currently the idea has been placed in Under consideration and we are still encouraging clients to vote and comment for this idea. At this stage we don't have a time frame in regards to when this will placed into development.

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Can we please have 2 description options for an Item based sale/purchase... 1 for the supplier (Buying Item), and another for Selling. 

This could be simply done by providing 2 description boxes in the Item Description Window, 1x selling description and 1 x purchasing description. So that when a purchase order is made, the purchasing description is used, and when an invoice is made, the selling description is used.


At the moment we have a tick box, that make MYOB use Item Description on Sales and Purchases.... great tool, but doesn't go far enough for many itemsSmiley Frustrated



We need a different description when purhasing an Item to what we want the customer to see. IE: Our jargon for purchasing, and specific requirements negotiated with a supplier is confusing and useless to the customer.

Unfortunately, when we sell the item, the same description is used,  wich means staff then have to delete information and often retype the description so it makes sense to the customer.


Considering we type upwards of 20 invoices per day, and maybe 5 purchase orders, it would save us a lot of time at invoice/purchase order stage, and also fixing up errors later on.Robot Mad

If there is a MYOB developer that can put this function in for us, we would be prepared to pay for this as it is costing us lots at the moment...Smiley Happy

Or can somebody advise if there is a better way to go about it?Smiley Indifferent

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There is a work around

That may suit you


Use different items for purchasing and selling

You can set the descriptions as needed

You will then need to convert the purchased items to the selling items by using the autobuild feature

it also means you need to specify every item as inventoried

If you do not track inventory , just use the cost of sales account in the asset account for inventory.


Please let me know if you need more help

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Ok, thanks for the tip!

We will use this on our worst offending item numbers, and we will try it out.


However the consequences of this for us will be many many thousands of part numbers, which in it-self then becomes very inefficient for the staff, and grows the file larger and Larger - this too will probably slow it down...


It is also a complicated way to go about it because some items we do not stock, only buy & sell to demand.


But thanks again for the tip - it will be useful on a good number of items.


Look forward to the day this clunkyness is removed

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but MYOB only has one description field that appears on the supplier order and also on the customer's invoice. I need to be able show different information on the order to the supplier that is irrelevent to the customer and vice-versa.

I know Xero and Quickbooks can both so this, but MYOB doesn't. I have done a search and not been able to find this in a previous thread, but I'm sure this would be something that other people would also need so I'd be surprised if this has not been raised previously - or MYOB have just ignored it as they tend to do with many other issues that are missing from the software.

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I guess I started this post -- but after many months now of creating 2 Item Cards (both have to be set up as inventory items - even if you don't stock them - and the builds hve to be done either ahead of sale or at ponit of sale). The process is to slow, loaded with problems, and difficult, My staff have fallen off the process, and I have to spend hrs and hrs myself prowling through these items to try and keep things A1.

Is a pain at sale if the item hasn't been built...... to the sale Item. The staff curse it everyday. We have procedures but when the pressure is on there is always mistakes made - this causes friction, is costing us a lot of wasted time then also in cross checking. 


If there is onething that will make me go to xero/quickbooks or other in 2017 it will be this.

Why can't a simple option be set up as mentioned? (2 Item descriptions on the same Item Card: 1 x sale desciption, 1 x purchase description)

I think it unprofessional to have all this messy thousands of extra Item cards, journal entries, and procedures to cope with a simple inadequacy..................... 


If MYOB want to mke there product really usefull to small manufcturing / jobbing shop clients - they would put a tickable 3rd optional desciption in called Internal Sale Description: here the business can put notes about processes, special QC details, even machine details about the Item to be Made - it would simply print a page called a Production Order / or Job Sheet. Watch your sales go up then...................................

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In this modern world, I can't believe this is not done by now!

With the speed of change in the Sofware marketplace today, I think MYOB should be working a lot faster with these simple simple improvement suggestions or they will lose there spot very fast.