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Inventory: Separate item descriptions for sales and purchases

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From what I can tell, creating an inventory item that has a suitable description for both sales and purchases is not achievable.


If there was a tick box under the item details tab for:


'include item description on sales'




'include item description on purchases' it would simply solve this problem.


I could then use the detailed description for sales and the profile name for purchase orders and generate my purchase orders with little effort directly from the customer sales order.

"Inventory Item Details tab, separate tick boxes for sales and purchases"

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The 2 Items so we can seprate out Buy description from Sale description is really poor.

I put this effort in in the hope MYOB can see how ridiculous it is and fix it fast.


Buy Item Description : Araucaria cunninghamii (Potted - under 40cm) Condition on arrival to be Free of disease, in good health and immediately saleable

Sale Item Description : Hoop Pine (Other names: Colonial Pine, Queensland Pine, Moreton Pine) (Botanical Name: Araucaria cunninghamii) Size: 20-40cm

So we buy as buy item, recieve item and "build" to sale item to bridge the connections: This is pain point 1

NEXT: we need to analyse spoilage on this product for 2016. (IE: the product was bought, stored and some died, and were written off. but dd we get it right?)

To Analyse this product - we can not use ITEM HISTORY because the BUY ITEM only shows when we have PURCHASED and that there is NONE SOLD because it does not show that THE ITEM WAS BUILT INTO ANOTHER ITEM to be sold. 

The SALE ITEM HISTORY does not help because it only shows we SOLD them, it doesn't show that we PURCHASED them - NOR DOES IT SHOW THAT WE BUILT THE SALE ITEM from ANOTHER ITEM.

So we have to run ridiculous reports - export to excel for faster converting to something that is easy for staff to check through and ensure we have written off all the dead / diseased stock. or have some been stolen?

You see what I mean now? All these extra steps, time, frustration and management needed - all because we do not have 2 ITEM DESCRIPTION OPTIONS for the one Item.


While you guys can say do this and it works - it is like saying here is your new car: beautiful car, even has aircon, (but you have to use this smooth polished and chrome plated crank handle to make the Airconditioner work)

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The ability to have a separate description for purchase orders and for sales would be ideal.

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This would be actually user friendly. The way t is at the moment is very poor.

MYOB is certainly loosing the game here, have a look at QBO. is far more user friendly. I over with this system in 2018. They hve just put the price up, but not solving stupid things that cost us $$$ every day.

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Your suggestion is a good one, and would work for products where you can order without the need for technical details in the description.


In our case we need 2 different descriptions because of important details.

All MYOB would need to do is fit another similar size window to the Item details tab and select tick box option use item description on sales & purchase for 1st window /or use item description for sales only,

when this option is selected - a window could show called purchases item description, and a check box: use item description for purchases


In our case we have to create n item for selling the item, and another item for buying the item. So to look at buying history & selling history of a product we have 2 items we have to print reports on, and when looking at profitability of an item.... guess what it doesn't work in MYOB reports because the buy and sell items are not the same item.

Also we have to buy in one item, build to the sell item to make a sale.... So is a lot of extra steps when it could be so much simpler and require a lot less management.

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I agree with the concept but it needs to go even further

there should be several possible descriptions for each part

One for printing on the invoice for a customer

another one for the suppliers orders

but also one or two others if needed that can be used for the salesperson/engineer/purchasing officer for holding extra data to allow ease of selecting the correct part when there are many that are similar but NOT the same

A simple way to do it would be to have 3 or 4 possible descriptions for the part and selections as to what type it is

The desciptions also need to be both longer and all visible when looking at the part card



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This is something that most other packages (some that are also much cheaper) are able to do. ZOHO does a great job of this where you can even include an image of the item along with being able to make a copy of an item to create another (such as a different colour or size).

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Has this been actioned yet? I desparately need to have separate purchasing/sales descriptions....

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I agree with most of the comments above. It seems ridiculous that we go to the trouble of putting in detailed descriptions for an item in an invoice and then we can't get detailed reports from it.


My get around, is to do a Sales (Customer Detail)  and then select Description in the Show/Hide Column. It then prints a report for every single item with our personalised detailed descriptions. But then I have to do a screenshot of the report, for one item. My biggest problem here is that often one item spreads over several pages, creating a lot of work to join the report back together.  


MYOB I don't get why there is the option to select Description in the Sales (customer detail) Report) but not in the Sales (Item Detail) Report. In fact the label item Detail' is misleading, as it sure doesn't show many any detail in my reports. Surely it is just a matter of adding an extra box under the reports?