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Jobs: Job List - Hide inactivate job

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The Job List screen is great, however I find it frustrating that I can't remove (hide) inactive jobs. I also don't understand why I can't make a Header Job inactive and have all sub-jobs be marked as inactive. This would save a lot of time. 


"Customisable Job List View and Easier 'Mark Inactive' Options"

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Last Changed: December 2013

Thank you for your post. I agree, it would be a good idea if you could have an option to only list Active Jobs in your Jobs list. Also to be able to mark a Header Job as Inactive, if all its Sub Jobs are meant to be Inactive. We request others who would like these changes brought about to please vote and comment.

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I have recently moved across from AccountEdge (Mac) to AccountRight and am disappointed to see that there is no option to hide inactive jobs which has been an option in AccountEdge for some years.  It was just a checkbox to hide/unhide inactive jobs.  Can this please be considered in future updates as this option is available in AccountEdge so I wouldnt think it would be too difficult to include in AccountRight.  Maybe employ some of the software developers for AccountEdge seeing as MYOB are no longer supporting it as it was a great software package and Jobs was far superior to AccountRight.  I could even attach documents to jobs which is also unavailable in AccountRight.  Thanks

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Hello MYOB


Can we please have the facility whereby only active jobs can be shown in the list of jobs.   We have thousands of jobs and it is very annoying that we can't just omit the inactive ones by ticking a box. 


This should be a really easy fix for a programmer. 



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And also so that the "inactive" jobs are greyed out it in the Customer File Card .