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As a jobbing shop I would like to see more put into the Jobs card  category, it could be more like the sales and purchase windows. Being able to filter to a single job or customer, to track purchase’s for a single job.

In that window have the job number customer name and description of the job without having to click into each window to find the details, if then the job number was tagged onto the invoice register in its own column next to the invoice number it could make tracking invoices from a year ago a lot lot easier. I could filter to a customer, a date range scroll through the descriptions without having to click into each one, get the job number then I could easily go and find the invoice.

As a jobbing shop nearly every job is different but we do get people from a year ago come in and want the same job again, finding that old invoice would be sweet, you could also attached that job number when saving drawings so then you could easily track the whole job from cost to the drawing.

what does everyone think am I dreaming