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Locations: Inventory Movement report

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I am moving from Enterprise as MYOB no loner supporting this product and have found that the new Item movement and mulit locations is great, however when i do a a movement between my warehouses i need to print off a report for the warehouse to release the inventory - its great to add the function but you need to have the reports to back the use of the function

"Inventory Movement Report - Premier"

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How long until the item movement report function is available, this is a real audit hazard that can cause alot of grief for users if we are unable to track the item movement 


Highly important MYOB!!!!!!!


The "print" function button is there obviously for future use, this is essential with multi locations to audit stock movements amongst various locations 

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We were keen to upgrade to AccountRight Premier to take advantage of the multiple inventory location function. However after looking at the sample file discovered that there are NO reports showing item movements between locations or any way of seeing the history of what has been transferred from one location to another. This unfortunately makes the product unworkable for us. It seems to be a simple function to add but one that would be hugely beneficial. Hopefully this is something that is added in the near future. If so we will be keen to upgrade as in all other aspects this version would suit our situation perfectly.

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Hello @ChalkHill 


I agree that there needs to be a report to show this info.

The Items Register (Detail) Report says that it "Displays every sale, purchase, adjustment & TRANSFER - - ", but it does not show the locations or transfers made. 


Hvae a look at the Addon solutions as there may be one to do whot you want. see

Otherwise i am sure that a developer partnet could set up the report you want.


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I agree, can't understand why a Location item movement report isnt available or for that matter, any Itemised Location Reports.