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MYOB Invoices (app): Include signature field for receiving goods

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Why does AccountRight not have a field where the Mobile app can receive a signature for receiving goods on the invoice?



"Paperless signing of packing slip/Delivery Docket"


Current Status: Open
Last Changed: June 2015

Hello @NigelD


This is an excellent idea to better the Mobile app/AccountRight. Anybody wanting to see a signature field on the app that can link into AccountRight to show the delivery was accepted please cast your vote and leave any comments that are relevant. 

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Im currently running into a problem where i have tried to create an invoice using Myob Invoices and left an emailed copy with the customer, weeks down the track we are trying to get money from the customer from an overdue account they are not paying, our law system is very had to work with if we dont have the customers full name and signature attached to the job when we are trying to recoupe the money through the court system for bad debtors 


with use of smart phones now, i would have thought there could be a box where the customers Name and signature can be added to the invoice so we have proof of work/purchase through the Myob Invoices app and we can then hold someone responsible for accepting the Job is Finish/completed


Thanks Josh

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I came here to ask for this exact add on.  Would use it all the time.  At the moment I take photos of printed invoices w signature but this would enable me to be completely paperless

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I like to idea of a signuture panel in the app for customers as I was going to suggest to be again to attach POD to customer invoices 

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I'm new to AccountRight Live and I'm finding it has a few problems that AccountEdge Pro does not have. I hope someone can fix these up as I'll list them below:


- AutoSpell Check that can't be turned off. This wastes precious time preventing us doing what we are wanting to do, which is Accounting!

- Selecting ONLY the delivery slip to be printed. although AccountEdge also did not delete the "To be printed" function when individually printing the delivery slip, we had to trick it by sending the job to a false printer (and delete the accumulated invoices from this later). Please help us save paper and allow the function to be "Emailed and Delivery slip printed" and going one step further, Allow the Delivery slip to be signed on the phone! This way we don't need to print any paper at all!

- Create a copy of quote/order/invoice button not avaiable where AccountEdge Pro has this. It seems the only way we can reduce time on duplicating entire orders etc is by selecting the recuring sale. This is all fine BUT it will stuff up the next due date of the transaction unless we go into the recuring transaction list and change the details. A better way would be to allow editing these details IN THE LIST itself. This will speed up efficiency dramatically.


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This is an old comment i am responding to, but am I still not able to use e signatures on the invoice app. I s this still in the pipeline?

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I just experienced a loss sale today. Something like this would have made all the difference 👍