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We trialled the new MYOB Team this week and have a few problems.

  1. When submitting timesheets, it's status has just come up as "failed" with no reason as to why or how to change it.
  2. It's necessary to have the Payroll Category in the timesheet entry so people can enter personal or annual leave etc.
  3. Could we please have the option to see all comments, as for some businesses this helps us with project utilisation to see what specifically has been worked on in the job.
  4. Could we please have a running total of how many hours worked per day and per timesheet so we don't need to keep mentally adding them up?
  5. ACCESSIBILITY. This one is important. As an inclusive company, we employ people with disabilities. One of our employees is blind and uses screen reader software. When she got to the comments box she was unable to type her comment. She double tapped on "more information" and tried to type and dicate a note about what the entry was for but was not able to read back what she had typed or dictated in. When she went to submit the form she got an error message and it wouldn't tell her why. This limits your users considerably.

Please consider these suggestions and get in contact if you'd like to discuss further.


Thank you!