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MYOB Team: Include additional hourly payroll categories for employees

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The current platform only allows for timesheet hours to be allocated based on the 'hourly rate' assigned within the employee card in MYOB.

This is not compliant for the majority of users as employers are required to meet NES and Award/Enterprise Agreement pay rates which vary dependant on role, hours work, time of day etc.


Ideally, when an employee submits a timesheet, they should be able to select a role or perhaps a location that stipulates that role, which in the back end of MYOB payroll setup shoudl automatically calculate the correct hourly rate.


The current timesheet function doesn't offer much more than a replacement of manual timesheets.

The payroll administrator is still required to reallocate hours into the correct category through payroll - so no time saving benefit and does not offer any compliance assistance.


This effects all employers, as all employers are subject to Award or Enterprise Agreements.


As an example, I am the payroll manager for a Real Estate Agency with 160+ staff. We look to predominately use timesheets for staff who are paid on a per hour basis (casuals).

Each casual can work in varied areas accross the business, which attract different rates dependant on qualifications and skills required.

Under the current setup, my casuals could only enter a timesheet based on start time, end time and breaks taken. This would then allocate in MYOB as 'base hourly' which pulls the rate from the employees card.


Ideally, I need to be able to allocate hours to various casual rates in accordance with the Company's Enterprise Agreement. 


We also need to be able to submit expense reimbursements such as KM's reimbursed for business travel.

We already have the payroll categories, but they cannot be selected by staff entering timesheets in the Teams App.


"Provide additional payroll categories for Teams timesheets based on categories assigned to employees card in AccountRight"

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Being able to select the appropriate payroll rate need to be come a priority for the Teams app.

Many businesses use the teams app particulaly in the hospitality industry that has different pay rates for saturdays vs sundays.

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Thanks in advance.