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Multi-Currency: Foreign recurring transactions

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At the moment you need to save a recurring template in local currency, and after pulling it into a new transaction, only then switch the currency.


Please vote up if it's important for you to save and use recurring templates directly in foreign currency.

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The option to save and use recurring transactions in Multi-Currency has been removed.   This was a well used feature of the MYOB Premier version of multi-currency and it is odd that it wasnt in the software build for Accountright 2019.2.   Please build this feature back in for foreign denominated transactions.   Thank you


"Recurring Multi-Currency sales and purchase transactions"

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....MYOB feedback from another section.....regards, Andrew

Hi Gayathri,

Thanks for the link. I see we cannot "Create or use recurring transaction templates for foreign transactions" anymore. Ok, at least i know now. I will have to accept that, however it is frustrating to lose a very useful feature with "new" software.

As we order many items from OS suppliers in US and Euro dollars, it was very easy to generate a new PO using the recurring PO in the OS currency

Maybe MYOB could re introduce this next time?

Some more the card file/card details/notes section, there needs to be more room for notes as I run out of space.

Regards, Andrew.

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Excellent! thanks Clinton

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I quite agree. This is just another failure of MYOB to address the issues of foreign currency in a practical way.

I have been told it's because "recurring" wouldn't be able to use live updates.

Does it occur to them that if foreign currency is being used, you have to have an understanding of exchange rates & how they work ???

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We have most sales invoices saved as recurring sale. While those that are in AUD are fine, any other currency does not allow us to save the sales invoice as recurring (the button is dimmed).


This feature was available in previous versions and our business relies on it heavily. 


Could you please advise if there is intention to reinstate this feature? What would be the timeframe?


It is absolutely crucial to run our business.

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Hi there

Why can't we save Multiple Currency invoices as recurring invoices anymore?  This is so frustrating.  We could do it in MYOB Enterprise before.


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Recurring entries in foreign currency are very necessary.

Hopefully this feature will be made available soon.

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This would be very useful for inputting travel expenses where the payment is made from a overseas bank account in the country's currency.


May I add when reconciling a bank account in a foreign currency it would also be useful if the Bank entry tab was activated to add interest and services charges.