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Online Emailing: Viewing content/message of ALL Emails sent

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It would be great if either

(a) we could see the message content of ALL emails, including statements


(b) we could choose which emails to send directly from AccountRight and which not to send. e.g send Invoices but not Statements.


reason - had a customer balk at comments in a Statement email which was amended just for them, as they were seriously overdue, but we cannot see the message - therefore it would be good to either be able to see it, or choose not to send specified email types (and this choice would inlcude a breakdown of the Sales and Purchase email types e.g send Invoices but maybe not send Quotes).



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I agree, it would be great to use this option for sending invoices only as quotes and orders need to be attached into our job management system to be viewed by all staff - including those who don't have access to accountright. However, they don't need access to invoices, so it wouldn't be an issue.

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I agree if we could see the message content of ALL emails, including statements.    If MYOB can do it for one type of email then they should be able to do it for all, this is the main reason I am reluctant to use the feature.


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Current it is only sales invoices and purchase orders that can be reopened thru Emails Sent.  Need to be able to read statements,  reports etc. that are sent via email as well, especially any messages that were sent with the emails.


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Please add the message section into the emails! My supplier sent items on a email quote as it is the first time I have asked for a quote from them. They did not read the message obviously and are now questioning their returns charge policy!

Of course the only thing I have to back up the quote request is the emailed quote form.

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I would like to be able to view the content of ALL sent  emails not just invoices.

I accidentally emailled some of our employees all employeess super payment reports instead of an individual employee report.. It would be good to see who I sent the wrong information to.

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I agree with FOC...I've been asked to see contents of emailed reports sent and can't see how to access this function...would be helpful instead of tailoring the report again and hoping that was the one sent previously...
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Emailing sending : Unable to view purchases and other content.

Not very professional exspecially when sending through other companies.

What reason would you not want to view want you have sent.

Not 'Happy 

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Would be great if you could see the content of emails sent to customers on all emails, it is important that this is available!!!

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You need to be able to see what you sent otherwise you cannot compare if the person has a question later

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I agree!!

I'd love to be able to open the report or statement emailed to a customer to see the dates the report or statement was generated with.

Invoices emailed are easy, they are a single document.  Statements and reports are generated by filters and it would be nice to see a copy on the screen after sending! Surely the ID box could accommodate showing the pdf after sending.