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I have looked through posts dating back to 2012 and beyond where people have been requesting the ability to have MYOB automatically calculate and (where applicable) add a surcharge for Credit Card payments.

I have the PayDirect device and need to re-issue an invoice to manually add an extra line for a surcharge to the invoice while the customer is with me.

Now that PayDirect Online has been released, a customer has the ability to pay an invoice with their credit card at their leisure, but I end up being charged for it without the customer even being aware. I have phoned customer service and was informed that there is currently no way of automatically adding the surcharge and the system doesn't do it. I am currenlty on the screen to setup PayDirect Online so have not tested it myself. The advice of customer service was to increase my fees to cover the surcharge. Not really fair on people who are not paying by card.

Personally, I would have thought this is something that should have been written into the software prior to releasing the Online component, or should be an option included in the online section that adds the surcharge to the final total prior to the customer paying.


"Credit Card Surcharge"

Current Status: Under consideration

Last Changed: March 2017

Thank you everyone for your comments and votes on this idea.


Those of you who have used PayDirect Online will find it to be a great tool to make collecting invoice payments easier. By giving your customers the ability to pay straight from their online invoice, you can now spend lesser time chasing payments.


According to the RBA, in Australia it takes an average of 45* days for an invoice to be paid. And we have found that invoices that are paid using PayDirect Online are paid on average in just 11 days. That’s a reduction of the average payment time by almost three quarters!!


We recognise that having the ability to oncharge credit card surcharge is a very popular request among our PayDirect Online clients. However, research shows that while customers enjoy the benefits of being able to pay by credit card, they find the act of surcharge being passed on as an annoyance. Something that tends not to be rewarded by customer loyalty.


So, before we commit to the development of this request, we are conducting our own research to analyse the impact of such a change on the speed of invoice payments.


I will provide an update on this idea as soon as I have something more to share on the topic.


*Source: Dun & Bradstreet, “Australian Trade Payments Analysis: Payment times remain low in Australia”

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I was so excied to see this option for payment until i found out there's no way to pass a surcharge on. Will hold off on using it until this is available.

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Totally agree just got my monthly invoice with 4.95 per transaction for the pay direct online feature. I will be taking this feature off my invoicing until Myob can add the cost to the transaction like every other payment I make online they add the surcharge to the payment.

Not happy Jan!

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Wow gram2056...... Thats a huge pecentage. I was looking around to see what they charged but that is way too expensive. I can not expect our customers to pay near on 5% to use a credit card. I was goiing to use pay direct online if they enabled a charge on feature but at that price maybe I will never use it....

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i agree with all the above. not using this feature until they fix the surcharge issue

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We are a building company, unles we can add credit card surcharges to our invoices it would be cost prohibitive to use the online service, please implement so we can use it!!

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Feeling disappointed. We were just about to set up PayDirect as it appeared to be the perfect fit for us. We are a small-medium transport company and athough the 2.2% seemed a little high to us for the very few clients that have asked to pay by credit card we thought that this would be awesome ... until we realised that there was no option to pass on charges. Some of our invoice values could be for just a few hundred dollars where as others could be for anywhere between $2k to $20k - needless to say we won't be using PayDirect until this option is available.

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Yep. We might as well keep using PayPal until then.

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Seriously MYOB. You expect your customers to pay this (ie Me) but you don't  give a realistic option so I can charge my customers. For the money I pay you expect much better.

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Hi all is there any other options for payments

We don't have any facilities for accepting payments online or over the phone.

Thanks a bunch

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Thank you all for your votes and comments. Seeing the large amount of interest gathered on this idea in less than two months of the PayDirect Online release, our developers are currently considering the option of credit card surcharge. 


If anyone else also feel story about this idea, please keep the votes and comments coming.