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Another suggestion originally made several years ago..


MYOB needs to developa prepayments option whereby you can spread the expense of an invoice over several months.  It would need to include how many months to spread it over and an option of when to start the allocation


EG Insurance bills could be spread over 12 months


This could also include the ability to "delay" the expense of an invoice to a certian month.


For example we have posters and advertising printed for special events (eg Melbourne Cup)  these are ususally organised and invoiced in September / October however we want to allocate the expense to November when Melbourne Cup is actually held.


Presently all of the functions are handled through a spreadsheet that needs to be journalled each month - this process should and hopefully could be easily automated.

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yes i agree with the option of allocating the expense of an invoice to a different date as the invoice date.   Instead i have to change the date of the invoice just to allocate the expense to the correct month.  For example when we get invoiced for our rent in the month prior, or if i receive an invoice dated in a period that has already been closed off.

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Hi @Rebecca12345 

Thanks for your feedback and voting for this idea. I have shared it with the team.