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Partner Dashboard - Notice of Updates





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MYOB are doing updates to their online software all the time which is great except how are we supposed to know what has changed because there is no notification saying what has been changed? AE releases always have a page on what has changed - this should also apply to the updates to the online platform.


Maybe we have not used a feature because it didn't work for us when we tested it but it has since been improved and it would work for us? How would we know?


Maybe we are using a feature in a particular way because that works for us but that has changed and we don't know?


E.g. I don't know whether clients still receive an email when we set them up with a client portal. If they do, I don't know what it says. I can test this by setting up a new one with my personal email address but then I would have to do that every time there has potentially been a change in the software - this could be daily.


Please just have a notifications feature which shows all the recent updates or something where I can see what has changed.