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Partner Dashboard - Viewing uploaded documents





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It is difficult to locate documents that have been uploaded by a client unless you know the person's email address that uploaded the documents. And even searching for the email address through the list is painful! Please allow us to view uploaded documents by the portal in 'documents'.


Also, when typing the client name when looking for a portal, the suggested matches often don't show up properly (I can type 'Jones' and it will show me the whole client list, not just ones that have 'Jones' in the name). It would be better if I could type 'Jones' and hit enter and have all of the portals that have 'Jones' in the name show up. Sometimes clients just upload documents into whichever portal is opened by default when they log in (lots of clients are users of multiple portals).


For uploaded documents, it would be useful to have a 'download all' feature or the ability to tick on selected documents and download them in 1 go. Even though we tell clients to zip multiple files, they don't always do it.