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Pay Employee: Ability to enter a note field (to be included in Pay slips)

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Hi Gurus.


Would like to submit idea that a ''note'' feature be added to Payroll so we can make annotations during the processing of payroll that will then be shown on staff Pay Advice.


Back in the old days it was ok, as we would hand write notes on the Pay Slips to hand out. But now with them being emailed, i then have to either send personal emails to employees (which sometimes forget) , or chase the staff down in the car park.  


The notes are not major, just things like:  ""Paid missed overtime from last payroll"" 


Just a thought

Thanks Muchly


"Payroll Notes"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: May 2015

Thank you @DKP


I can see how this may benefit a lot of clients that want to add notes to payslips. I encourage all users that would like to see feature in a future upgrade to post comments and use the vote option. 


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Just wondering if anything got added for this, as I find weekly pay and adding notes to the actual payslip you are working on would be such a great asset and time-saving.

I know you can add notes but they stay on permanently, and I just want a blank bar where you can add some details.

Thanks in advance

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Hi @TH


Currently this idea is under consideration by the team. At this stage we don't have a time frame for when this particular idea will be marked for development/implemented into the program. However we are still encourage members of the Community that would like to see this idea added to vote and comment if required.

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I would love the ability to enter a message on indivdual payslips as I am processing them.

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agreed, i've had this option on archaic payroll systems before so shouldnt be hard to design??

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Yes, have a 'Comments' box/field of approx 100+ characters for current payrun.

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I would like to see the ability to create a note on the employee whilst in the Payroll fuction and that this note would then be visually seen by a star or something of the like next to the Payslip line it realtes to when you open the employees card.


This would help when you have rate changes, or a payroll mistake that has been corrected in the next payrun - you could visaully look over the payslip and check to ensure that pay had been corrected.

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I would love that. I have to remember to type in when emailing.  I don't always remember and there is not a lot of room for text at that stage either.

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I think this is a great idea! It would mean that if someone is looking at their payslip and there is something unusual about it, we can advise them right there on the slip. Love it.