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Pay Employee: Edit recorded payroll transactions (Editable payroll)

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After payroll entries are recorded there is no way to edit any part of them. I understand this is to protect the integrity of the total etc but it also creates a ridiculous amount of work when somebody enters something slightly incorrectly. A few examples:

* Payroll entries added on the wrong date have to be deleted and reentered even though this does not affect the total or the allocations of leave etc. When you have to do this for 100+ entries to move them one day forward this results in more work than running the payroll in the first place

* When a job has been missed or misallocated, we need to delete and reenter the payroll entry. Most other transaction types can add jobs retrospectively, why not payroll?

* If a payroll period is entered incorrectly the payroll entry needs to be deleted and reentered, again, this has no effect on the total, so why not make it editable?


Please PLEASE consider making this change, it would save me hours fixing other people's silly mistakes!




"Editable payroll"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: September 2013

Thank you for the idea. We can see the benefits of being able to edit recorded Payroll transactions, to make changes to or add Job numbers. As suggested by Colleen, the Pay Period can be changed in Individual Pays, if there have been no transactions (like Electronic Payments, Pay Super or Pay Liabilities) posted over the Payroll transaction. We request others who would like to include the following options to vote and comment on this Idea: - Change Payment Date in a recorded payroll transaction. - Change or add Jobs to a recorded payroll transaction.

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We really need the ability to change the payment date on the payslip without having to undo the entire pay and re do it.


It is becoming extremely frustrating when we have to constantly undo a pay entirely to just change the payment date.


Please include this in your next update. Thanks

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definitely agree!! 

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When processing payroll via the electronic clearing account you can't go back and enter or change a job number that has been allocated to the employee.  It would be helpful if job numbers could be added after payroll has been processed, you can change it if it is processed via the other bank accounts.

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Hi P3, I have come across this problem too, and I guess I'm lucky in that I only have about 35 staff I have to do the data entry for.  Job codes are often changed as audits are done on the wages (monthly) so I've started doing the data entry into the bank account - it is a pain, but I have created use recurring transactions for each person and have the word "wages" in the memo field before their names so the transactions are easy to identify when doing the reconciliation.  I also have wages in the cheque field for that reason too, although this is creating grief with the new version and downloading bank statements (something else that is being looked at). 


The only way you can change the codes is to reverse the incorrect transaction (which is reversed in the clearing account), and then reverse the reversed transaction and change the codes accordingly ... as amounts don't change.  This then creates a nil balance you can reconcile.


Julz Smiley Happy

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I agree - the ability to change job codes in payroll once recorded would be great (the same as when you recode a GL account codes in spend money!). 


It is such a pain to have rectify.  Please enable this feature. 


ps I dont see it as risky/audit control issue as the overall figures are not changing.



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If you are paying your wages using an electronic file you can just change the value date of the file payment and not worry about the date recorded in MYOB if it is only a day or two out.

You can change the payment period by opening each persons pay and making the date change but you cannot change the payment date.  This needs to be done before you create the electronic file.  If you have already created the file, delete the bank register transaction, make the necessary changes to the payment period, then re-create the payment file.


Hope this helps



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It would still be good to be able to edit other fields e.g. Job code allocations.

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I have incorrectly entered the wrong job number on an employees payslip and only noticed a week later after it had been recorded.  How can i change it?  I have tried using the drop down arrow on the square where the job number is and trying to tick the correct one, but it wont work Smiley Sad

Has anyone else had the same problem?

So we dont have to go through the process of, deleting that Electronic Payment for that day, then deleting the employees paycheque, then redo whole payslip with the correct job number (lots of valuable time wasted!!). Maybe the MYOB programmers may have to make that an option next time they are updating the product.   Its not really going to affect the PAYG tax or gross amounts, only the job its allocated to, which would be an enormous help when these little mistakes happen.

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If what you need to do is reallocate the cost to another job, would it be enough to enter a general journal, debit to the wages expense account using the correct job number, and credit to the same account using the incorrect job number? That will fix the job figure$ at the GL level, but it won't swap the hours across.

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I thought it might be just as easy if could utilise that drop down box on the Job box and change the tick!!

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