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Pay Superannuation: Delete or hide reversed paysuper payments

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There is currently no way to hide or delete authorised (or approved) PaySuper transactions so ones that need to be amended will still show as partially authorised (if 2 authorisations required)


"PaySuper - delete or hide reversed paysuper payments"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: November 2014

Thanks for your excellent suggestion @scfsh We are definitely seeking feedback on how we can make the manage payments screen easier to use. Anyone with feedback on how they would like to be able to filter, remove or hide transactions on the manage payments screen, please leave your comments here.

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Please allow Super to be shifted from undeposited funds to Cheque account.

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It seems strange that a reversed transaction would remain in the Manage Payments window in Pending Authorisation status. 

Can you please include the ability to delete or hide the reversed tranaction- or at the very least change the status to Reversed.

Thanks so much.

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Why is this issue not being addressed by MYOB?


We have wasted a LOT of time trying to fix superannuation discrepancies that have occurred after reversing and re-doing an employees pay.


May have to look at migrating to another accounting program in the future if we continue to have headaches with MYOB and STP reporting.