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Pay Superannuation: Reversal of individual superannuation payment

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I love using the Pay Super feature in AccountRight! This was a great enhancement when introduced, well done MYOB.


However when a payment to one of the funds or employees is rejected, it is painful to have to reverse the whole batch and then do a workaround with re-entering part in PayLiabilities.


Could we have the ability to be able to reverse one of the payments in a batch please



Pam Chilman

AMC Training Centre 


"Better handling of rejected Superannuation payments"

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I agree with Pam love pay super - but I am too waiting on the ability to reverse just one employee who has changed super funds.  please MYOB this is important!

Partner Czarina
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Love the Pay Super function but it's a nightmare when an employee changes superfunds or accountant requests directors wages decrease retropectives.  

Please MYOB!!

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Hi MYOB developers,


To add comment to this thread.   When we reverse a payment it comes up with "Pending Authorisation" in the manage superannation screen which can lead to the authorisor to pay it again.    Huge error paying $72k when it is just a reversalSmiley Surprised

Pending authorisation.png

The status should be reversed or we should have the ability to hide it from the screen.    Something other than Pending Authorisation.


Heaps of MYOB consultants and partners have voted it is a call to action and fix.



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I agree with all the comments so far! Brilliant - these things need fixing



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Still a major issue. A major flaw .. can we please get this fixed.