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Payment Summary: Emailing to employees





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Hi there,


I just want to give some feed back in regards with MYOB account right 19 version. As it allows to send payslip in emails, Can you develop a system that it also enables in sending year end payment summery ( Group Certificate) to employees, Looking forward for your support


What I meant is like payslip are sent out automatically without individually attaching files to each email. In case of PAYG SUMMERY we have to attach individual which takes longer time. As we have over 800 payment summary of 20 Red Rooster .



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MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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Hi Everyone

With the release of AccountRight 2016.2 come the ability for the user to email a payment summary for an employee.

For more information into this feature and obtaining the update please see AccountRight 2016.2 now available