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Payroll: Ability to remove categories used on timesheets

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We use timesheets and then process the payroll from there.

It would be most useful to be able to deselect a wage category from individuals when the category is no longer used.

This is not possible - the message that appears states:- This wage category is used on timesheets for this employee and cannot be deselected.

Even if the category is in previous payroll years it is still not able to be deselected.

Your consideration in fixing this would be appreciated.




"Remove payroll categories that have been used on timesheets"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: November 2014

Thanks for your suggestion @Judy005  Could anyone else who wants to be able to remove payroll categories that have been used on timesheets from an employee, please cast your vote here.

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We are an on-hire business in Building and Construction so you can imagine the sheer quanitity of payroll categories we need to use; different clients, different OTE/OT 1.5/OT 2x. It's a nightmare.  One man's payslip can be as long as my arm.  The real problem lies when that man's rate is permantly upgraded for a particular client.  Now their old rate plus their new rate sit there in the list.  And yes, I choose the wrong one if I'm not totally on my game.  It's ridiculous that I can't inactivate the old rate.  I don't want to delete it, I just want to get it out of the active list so I don't accidently use it.  If you can make an employee inactive, it's illogical that you can't inactivate a pay category.  This is becoming such a problem, we're now looking to move to another payroll program altogether.  If we move to another payroll program, we'll have little need for MYOB for our accounting since payroll is included in the cost.  Then it'll be logical to look for a base accounting program where payroll isn't included.  MYOB get a lot of things right, that's why we're still with you, but when you get it wrong, you really get it wrong.  Deal-breaker wrong. 

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I think this is a much needed feature, disappointing to see it was raised in 2014 and still an issue now.

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Any chance of an ETA on getting this much needed function included?

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6 years and not a peep from MYOB. I suspect it has gone into the too hard basket which is really disappointing.  

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Yeah c'mon guys it's been in identified issue for SEVEN YEARS.

My accountant couldn't believe it when I told him.


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This is now the third time I have brought up this question. Please look at this. It just makes processing wages that much more confusing when it does not have to be.

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With the glacial speed of development that MYOB seems to put into AccountRight it feels very much like it is being treated as an end of life product. 

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Hi MYOB team,


I started using Time Sheets a few months ago which is fabulous, the only issue I have which is truly frustrating is that I cannot deselect payroll categories from an employees card.


Can you please make this a priority to be looked at.  


Thank you

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Nov 2014......and we are still encountering this problem !! I wonder do MYOB actually take any notice of the votes or suggestions that Users make?