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Payroll: Ability to remove categories used on timesheets

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We use timesheets and then process the payroll from there.

It would be most useful to be able to deselect a wage category from individuals when the category is no longer used.

This is not possible - the message that appears states:- This wage category is used on timesheets for this employee and cannot be deselected.

Even if the category is in previous payroll years it is still not able to be deselected.

Your consideration in fixing this would be appreciated.




"Remove payroll categories that have been used on timesheets"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: November 2014

Thanks for your suggestion @Judy005  Could anyone else who wants to be able to remove payroll categories that have been used on timesheets from an employee, please cast your vote here.

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David, when you click "Ok" to the message above, it re-instates the tick.  

As I said, I have tried the obvious routes.

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I have some employees with 24+ payroll categories that I have to scroll through to use the correct one. Can't remove, hide or suspend as they have been used on a previous timesheet.

It's making processing timesheets very time consuming and increasing the risk of mistakes.

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Hi TMAC, I believe the usual advice is to rename unused categories to start with a "Z" so they appear at the bottom of the list. However I have "Kudoed" every feature suggestion I can find about having the ability to archive or purge old categories! Can't understand why this isn't available. I have found posts requesting this dating back to 2014 and it still hasn't been done, which is frustrating.

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Also would be great to be able to archive old employees so they don't appear on the employee cards list

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@mifant- Couldn't you just make those employees inactive and/or if they are no longer employed, enter their termination date into their card. (Admittedly you do need to select the hide inactive cards box in most windows to get them to disappear but at least you have that option.)

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Due to changing wage payments to be all inclusive of allowances we have quite a list of categories that haven't been used for years but can't be deleted. This would be most helpful in keeping things in order especially with ATO reporting!

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Hello, I am trying to remove certain payroll categories from an employees pay slip but because we had previously allocated a payment to that category I cannot delete it. Is there a way that it still is "live" but I can keep it in the background and not appear on the payslip? Thanks

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This issue is still current....4 years on.  In my mind this is a major flaw of MYOB that leads to a number of payroll errors.

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I am definately all for this becoming a feature!! We have all sorts of weird and wonderful wage categories that people have recieved over the years and we just want to be able to tidy things up.


Being able to remove or mark categories 'inactive' so they cannot be used would also be great.

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How come this still isn't a thing? We really need this feature please!!