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Payroll: Gross Wage/Amount appearing on Pay Employee window & Pay slips

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When processing payroll, I would really like to see what the gross amount is on the employee pay screen as it only diplays the Net Pay until you do a print out.




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Yes I agree totally, it is very annoying..


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Our employees are wondering why they don't have a total gross pay field on the payslips. We used to on previous payroll systems. Otherwise they have to manually calculate all their wages categories less any reimbursements. It would be handy to have gross reportable wages as a field in both payslips and payroll reports.



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 Hello Laureena @lverrent


The standard Payroll Advice found in the Reports / Payroll shows the Gross Pay and deductions etc for the employee.


the Pay slip also has the details.



If it is not there perhaps the forms & reports have been edited to delete the info.

the various payroll reports also shows the Gross.


Is this what you are after or have I not understood the issue?






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I think @Iverrent may mean, when you have annual leave and gross wages and perhaps commission, there is not total for those items - they are listed but you need to manually add them together to get your overall gross.

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Is it possible to have the total Gross wages show as well as the Nett wages in the payroll calculation window?

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I need to be able to see the Total Gross Pay as well as the Total Net Pay on the Pay Employees screen when processing a wages run. The gross pay total is how I check the wages are correct. Is this possible? Thanks.

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1. Could the gross pay figure show as well as the net pay figure on the pay employee screen; and

2. Could the gross pay figure show as well as the net pay figure on the employee pays summary screen.


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I'd like to see if the employee list you pick from when entering pays could show their GROSS amount instead of or as well as their NETT as it is now. Reason being we currently use a spreadsheet for employees sites & times as MYOB does not provide a recurring TIMESHEET (only standard pay) to check all changes and entries are correct then we enter their figures hours for each category into MYOB. Before this new Payroll reporting to ATO came in on 1/7/18 we could record pays, check gross excell figures against activity report and make changes if anything had been missed (by deleting that pay and entering again, checkin report again) . Now we can't as the report goes to ATO as soon we record the pays. Means sending multiple reports to ATO which may cause issues at their end as they won't know why we entered two pays for the same person on same day, they don't know we deleted the wrong one.


Thanks Kristina


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Yes this is a very important feature that should be added - cant believe it isnt already there

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On the "Preview Pays Detail" screen could you add a subtotal to show gross wages above the Nett Pay as shown?