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Payroll: Inactive button for payroll categories

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Creation of an "inactive" button for Payroll Categories.  For example, when a employee has left the company & you don't want to see / choose that category from the list anymore you can't delete it because the system sees it as being used.  So, it would be helpful if you could have something like an "inactive" button on the each categories, so it can be seen, or not seen from the selection list.

"Inactive Button for Payroll Category List"

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for EBA Construction Industry payrolls:

1.  Allow payroll categories to be made inactive

2.  Allow previously used categories to be deselected in employee card

2.  Reports for CoInvest & Incolink contributions payable

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There are a lot of things in the new MYOB that you can't seem to get rid of now when we used to be able to. The files are getting bigger and bigger with useless information no longer needed but still in the system

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It would be handy if we could also remove a payroll category in the editing stage. 

Rather than redoing the whole payroll for 1 mistake. 

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There are a few threads for this request. It's silly how we can't even hide them from the list, or remove them from payslips or setups.


If you add all the threads' votes together it's over 120 votes, so can we get on this please, MYOB?

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We would like to archive Payroll-Wage Categories that are no longer used BUT have been used on previous payrolls.
This means we will not have the unused "categories" in the current payroll

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Can we PLEASE get a button added to payroll categores to make them inactive rather than this clunky, time conssuming, unprofessional looking zzzzz work around??? We have the feature for most other tables. 


MYOB used to be ahead of the game for payroll but little things like this, that Xero and QB online do and MYOB doesn't are the reason they are getting left behind. 

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I agree, GIVE US a inactive button pretty please